Epigenetics – an early warning signal for stress

Stress is a natural reaction to various stressors and evolutionarily it helps us adapt to our environment and dangers. Everyone’s stress tolerance level is different and everyone handles stress differently, but chronic stress triggers physical and/or psychological responses in most.

Dr. Berit Hippe, Managing Director of HealthBioCare GmbH, explains how epigenetic markers in the blood can be used to detect the hidden signs of stress relatively early on in an interview with QS24.tv host Corina Klein.

Reducing stress in everyday life is not always easy, but it is possible to improve the processing of stress on a cellular basis through nutrition. You will find out which nutrients can specifically intervene in epigenetic regulation and help us process stress, in the interview.

The program was broadcast on 20.01.23 on the health television QS24 and can be viewed online on the YouTube channel of QS24.

Dr. Berit Hippe, Managing Director of HealthBioCare GmbH in a talk with Corina Klein on Swiss health television QS24. To watch the video with subtitles in English, turn on the cc (closed captions), then click on settings, select subtitles, click on auto-translate, and select English from the list.

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