Geneometry® Healthy Sport Panel

Improve your athletic performance today!


What motivates you?

How often you exercise depends on you. How often certain genes are activated in your cells depends on your epigenetics. What have exercise and your genes got in common? It’s quite simple – through sport you can influence numerous metabolic processes in your body and thus you have an indirect effect on your genes. So regardless of your genetic predisposition – whether you are an endurance athlete, prefer weight training, or are the best in the couch potato discipline, we give you the basics for optimal and customized training.

In the Healthy Sport Panel+ we analyze your epigenetic (circulating microRNAs) and genetic (SNPs) biomarkers from just a few drops of blood.

Find out if your current exercises match your recovery ability or if you should include a longer recovery phase in your training plan. How do you react to overload, and do you cope well with the resulting inflammation? Do you have good cardiovascular fitness?

The analysis determines your fitness and health score, and among other things you will get information about the hydration status of your body, your load/stress level or your risk of muscle damage, and your genetic sport type. Importantly, since adequate nutrition can improve performance and support your ability to regenerate, you will also receive recommendations for epigenetically active plant substances.

No matter whether you are a training beginner, an advanced professional or you just want to change your training plan, the analysis allows you to find out more about your personal metabolic status and optimally support your body.

The Healthy Sport Panels are based on scientific studies (Krammer et al. Mai 2022, Krammer et al. Aug 2022) and were developed in cooperation with the University of Vienna.


  • Evaluation of your diet and lifestyle factors
  • Nutritional recommendations for athletes
  • Recommendations for epigenetically active plant substances based on your analysis results
  • The Healthy Sport Panel analyzes 8 miRNAs that provide information about your fitness and health score, nutritional status, hydration status, injury risk and recovery, load/stress level, cardiovascular fitness, inflammation, and muscle status.
  • In the Healthy Sport Panel+ 4 additional SNPs will be analyzed to provide information about your genetic predisposition for: weight loss through exercise, your sport type, your motivation to exercise and the risk of muscle damage.