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Our vision

Everyone is unique and so is their metabolism. We may have just small genetic differences among one another, but they can have a huge impact on our health and our metabolism. Our epigenetics plays an even more important role because it is in our hands to change it. And since “knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon) we, at HealthBioCare, want to give you the key to discover the hidden information behind your genes and epigenetics and help you unlock your full potential. With this knowledge, you don’t have to change your whole lifestyle completely. Just a few adjustments at the right spots can make a big difference and we aspire to help you integrate them efficiently and effortlessly into your daily life.
Our focus is on preventive health management and a holistic health concept. Our personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are based on genetic and epigenetic analysis from just several drops of blood. We have already helped numerous people to lead a healthier lifestyle and hope that many more will follow.

Dr. Berit Hippe, CEO

Our story

HealthBioCare GmbH was founded in 2011 by Dr. Alexander Haslberger, Doc. at the University of Vienna, and Dr. Berit Hippe, a passionate Ph.D. student of Nutritional Sciences at that time. As a start-up company, consisting only of 3 people, HealthBioCare offered personalized nutrition counseling based on microbiota stool analyses. Quickly it was apparent that there is a need for a better, simpler, and more holistic analysis that is convenient for our customers. So, together with other enthusiastic nutritionists and molecular biologists, we looked deeper into the hidden world in our blood.
Today we can already offer our customers a wide range of tests, products, and services. We partner up with international physicians and university groups to be able to provide and continuously develop new products suited to the needs of our customers. Since research is a big and important topic for us, we are constantly conducting different studies and have already been awarded numerous grants.

Our team

Our team consists of young, motivated, and innovative people with a solid background in natural sciences. Thanks to our close collaborations with the University of Vienna and several research grants, we have supported and accompanied motivated students on their way to their scientific careers. We have supervised and trained numerous graduate and Ph.D. students and we are always on the lookout for motivated new team members.

As part of our scientific activities, we are constantly conducting projects and studies on various topics, e.g., stress and disease prevention, epigenetically active plant extracts, and sports. The results of our studies are regularly published in peer-reviewed articles.
If you would like personal or medical advice, we can quickly and easily arrange a nutritional consultation and provide you with the contact of a physician who is familiar with our system.


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