DNA methylation



SNPs, miRNAs, and DNA methylation play an important role in health maintenance and reflect various mechanisms involved in the metabolism. Their analysis can enable early disease detection and thus contribute to early intervention through lifestyle changes. Our team at HealthBioCare is specialized in the application of molecular biological biomarkers from dried capillary blood (dried blood spot). Telomeres, SNPs, miRNAs, and DNA methylation are stable and robust biomarkers that could be detected in just a few drops of capillary finger blood.

Our fields of research:

  • Healthy Aging
  • Early detection of stress and prevention of burnout
  • Genetic predisposition of diet-related diseases
  • Fasting and fasting mimetics
  • Epigenetically active plant ingredients
  • Sport, performance monitoring and optimization
  • Healthy immune system
  • Early detection of cancer
  • Oral health

In order to maintain and promote the health of our customers, we continuously develop new user-friendly and personalized products. We have been working for years in cooperation with various partners and research groups at the University of Vienna and TU Vienna.