Find the fitting analysis

Do you want to find out your biological age to prevent premature aging? Or do you want to have your cellular stress level measured to support your body in dealing with stress? We can support you in achieving your goals faster with our different analysis panels on metabolic type, sport, stress, and aging.

Fill out the questionnaire

You can simply fill out the diet and lifestyle questionnaire online. Alternatively, you can use the printed questionnaire added to the analysis box. Please note, we cannot give you any recommendations tailored to your needs without the fully completed questionnaire.

Take blood drop sample

Use the lancet, which is included in the analysis box to take a few drops of blood from one of your fingers. Drop the blood on the attached dried blood card.
Please fill out completely at least 3 full circles.

Send the sample to the lab

Send the dried blood card (and the questionnaire if you did not fill it out online) with the return envelope by mail to our laboratory.

Analysis in the lab

In the laboratory your sample is examined for genetic and epigenetic factors depending on your ordered panel.


You will receive your analysis report as a PDF file via e-mail, incl. recommendations for diet, lifestyle, or supplements – tailored to your individual needs.


Do you have any further questions, e.g., concerning your results? If you need additional information, please contact us via e-mail ( and book a consultation.