Geneometry® Healthy Aging Panel

Healthy Aging

Warum Healthy Aging Panel?

Why Healthy Aging Panel?

Do you feel exhausted and unbalanced? Do you want to know how your stressful daily life affects your biological age? Then the Healthy Aging Panel is just the right fit for you!

People age differently depending on many factors such as environment, lifestyle, and diet. Therefore, some can look younger or older than their actual chronological age. Premature aging does not only affect appearance but also can lead to an increased risk for certain age-related diseases. It is impossible to stop the aging process but you can slow it down and increase your vitality.

The aging process is a natural, slow decrease of several biological functions. It includes some molecular mechanisms such as genomic instability, shortening of the telomeres, epigenetic modifications, and mitochondrial dysfunction. Molecular mechanisms can affect the metabolism and even modify it. Furthermore, increasingly occurring inflammations and a decrease in DNA stability are unwanted aspects of the aging process. That’s why we integrate these essential characteristics into our analyses.

The Healthy Aging Panel is an analytical tool that identifies possible risk factors like environmental influences, diet, and lifestyle by means of molecular mechanisms. With just a few drops of your finger blood, we analyze your telomere length as well as your epigenetic aging markers so your biological age can be determined. Moreover, we evaluate additional key factors in the aging process such as inflammatory events and DNA stability.

Identify your molecular markers with our Healthy Aging Panel now! Learn how to prevent premature aging to ensure a healthy aging process.

Based on your analysis results you will not only receive information about your biological age compared to your chronological age but you will get recommendations that are individually tailored to you to help you improve your aging, inflammation, and DNA stability.

We recommend a second, follow-up analysis after 6 months to visualize your successes at a molecular level.


  • Evaluation of your diet habits and lifestyle parameters
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Your telomere length
  • Epigenetic aging markers (DNA methylation)
  • Your biological versus chronological aging
  • Epigenetic status of DNA stability and inflammation (DNA methylation)
  • Detailed information about aging mechanisms, epigenetics, inflammation, …