Is the food pyramid still up to date?

The food pyramid is considered a measure of a healthy and balanced diet. It has been revised several times over the years according to new findings. Is it time to change the pyramid again, or are we ready to completely rethink the classic nutrition recommendations?

What exactly is a personalized diet? What are the benefits of a diet that is individually adapted to your (epi)genetics and metabolism?

Dr. Berit Hippe, CEO of HealthBioCare GmbH, explains the food pyramid and precision nutrition, two seemingly opposing models, in conversation with host Corina Klein.

Dr. Berit Hippe, Managing Director of HealthBioCare GmbH in a talk with Corina Klein on Swiss health television QS24. To watch the video with subtitles in English, turn on the cc (closed captions), then click on settings, select subtitles, click on auto-translate, and select English from the list.

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