Eat, sleep, eat, repeat? 

Our sleep influences our eating behavior, at the same time our diet plays a role in whether we get good, restful sleep. How can we avoid getting trapped in a vicious circle?

The sleep-wake rhythm is anchored in our genes, but sleep disorders can regulate the functioning of these genes through epigenetic changes. Can we influence these sleep-relevant genes with diet, fasting, and exercise?

How to wake up the right genes so we can sleep better.

Dr. Berit Hippe, managing director of HealthBioCare GmbH, talks to host Corina Klein of about how certain micronutrients affect our sleep behavior.

Dr. Berit Hippe, Managing Director of HealthBioCare GmbH in a talk with Corina Klein on Swiss health television QS24. To watch the video with subtitles in English, turn on the cc (closed captions), then click on settings, select subtitles, click on auto-translate, and select English from the list.
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