Get younger with the right nutrition?

Yes, it is possible! Chronological age is just a number that we actually cannot influence, but biological age however is a great indicator of our health.

Dr. Berit Hippe, Managing Director of HealthBioCare GmbH, explains how the aging process is epigenetically regulated in an interview with Corina Klein of In this video, you will learn how important a healthy diet and a stress-free lifestyle are and how can we improve our biological age by simply eating healthy.

The program was broadcast on 23.12.22 on the health television QS24 and can be viewed online on the YouTube channel of QS24.

Dr. Berit Hippe, Managing Director of HealthBioCare GmbH in a talk with Corina Klein on Swiss health television QS24. To watch the video with subtitles in English, turn on the cc (closed captions), then click on settings, select subtitles, click on auto-translate, and select English from the list.

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