Short report about viruses

The global health is considerably affected by viruses. The few available viricidal and antiviral therapies are expensive and often associated with side effect. Phytoceuticals are epigenetically active, antiviral multi target compounds, that influence several steps of the viral life cycle and host protein. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate post-transcriptionally the host and viral gene expression and are responsible for the fine tuning by controlling the expression of their target messenger RNA (mRNA) in the cells of host and virus. Several plant ingredients have been shown to be effective antivirals. Obviously, miRNAs play a central role in the regulation of the gene transcription in virus replication and host immune response. The expression of immune relevant miRNAs can be regulated by a healthy diet that can so affect viral reaction systems. Secondary plant ingredients (phytoceuticals) as an intervention can enhance the effect and reverse the miRNA expression patterns of an unhealthy lifestyle.