“Kombi Panel” – Healthy Aging & Metabolic Health

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Combined analysis of your biological age, genetic and epigenetic metabolism

Get personalized recommendations for a healthy aging process based on the evaluation of your:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle
  • Gene regulation of age-dependent genes (DNA methylation)
  • Gene regulation of inflammation-relevant genes (DNA methylation)
  • Telomere length

With the additional analysis of 23 gene variants (SNPs) and 5 epigenetic markers (3 DNA methylation sites and 2 microRNAs) you can find out your:

  • Metabolic type
  • Sports type
  • Health risks (e.g. diabetes)
  • Nutritional and metabolic factors
  • Nutri-cosmetic classification
  • Total methylation (DNA stability)
  • Inflammatory behavior
  • The estimated prognosis for weight loss and weight stabilization
  • Epigenetic status of metabolic regulation

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We will send you the analysis set.
For all HBC analysis panels, HBC only requires the completed dried blood card and the completed questionnaire as contained in the Healthbiocare analysis box.
As soon as your complete sample has arrived at our laboratory, we will send you a confirmation email. You will receive your result by email within 15 working days.

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